FON wishes you a glorious Christmas season that focuses on one of the more meaningful events in history – the birth of Jesus! From conception to His resurrection, God made Himself known in the flesh! All human…all God! What a wondrous and unparalleled event.
It is intriguing to think about Luke 2:18…and ALL who heard it wondered. Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem for the census. They most likely were in the lowest part of a family member’s home where the animals were kept. It is unlikely that Mary and Joseph were alone, but that many, many family members and friends were there to witness the result of this couple’s assumed premarital relationship. Had Mary and Joseph shared with their family and friends the uniqueness of this pregnancy???? We don’t know. But, we can safely assume that if so, they were not believed.
But, God! Not only did He impregnate Mary, a young Jewish virgin, but He also brought an unlikely group of straggly young shepherds from the fields into Bethlehem to find the couple and the newborn child. God, like most new earthly fathers, wanted to shout from the heavens that His son was born on earth! He sent a multitude of angels to make the announcement. These shepherds reiterated what the angels announced to them. And, ALL who heard wondered.
This same child lives today as a Risen Savior sent to redeem the world. Hallelujah, what a Savior!
May each of you enjoy God’s unfailing love this holiday season!
Note: Annually, FON asks students to create a drawing for its Christmas card. This year, Aleen Nasser, a 9th grader, provided us with this beautiful silhouette drawing. She captured the story with a unique piece of art. Thank you, Aleen!

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