The Nazareth Baptist School main campus buildings, which are deeded to NBS, date from about 70 years to 40 years old. This campus had never gone through any type of renovation or revitalization until 2018 when floods demanded action. Friends of Nazareth and local businesses came together to remediate the damages. In 2019 earthquake threats, which still exist, threatened life and property. Again, Friends of Nazareth and local businesses came together to remediate the High School building so that it can withstand an earthquake greater than 4.0.

In 2020 Covid-19 emerged! NBS was not prepared for the Digital Age. Friends of Nazareth and others have helped repair, revitalize and renew the inadequate safety, security and digital features at the school that were necessary for the Digital Age and overall student safety and security. Students are successfully navigating distance learning thanks to significant digital upgrades at NBS. When students return, they will have better tools for learning.

As we approach 2021, NBS and Friends of Nazareth are keenly aware that the lack of attention to the buildings cannot be ignored any longer.  Friends of Nazareth is working with NBS and its architect to define essential upgrades to preserve the property and to maintain as much real value as possible while ensuring a safe and secure environment for students.

Thanks to a VERY GENEROUS “friend” we are excited to announce that this supporter has offered to meet FON and NBS halfway toward funding the next set of improvements. Your gifts between now and December 31, 2020 will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $125,000.

Will you join him and others in supplying the funds needed to bring NBS up to a reasonable standard? We are excited to announce that the graduates and parents are partnering with FON during this challenge. This is not a one-sided initiative!

Together is Better!


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