Monthly Archives: November 2021

9th Graders Explore Majors at NBS

9th grade students and parents attended a workshop at NBS on school majors.  9th graders will decide upon their major of study this year.  Teachers and staff gave presentations and had a time of questions and answers. NBS has major studies in electronics ,environmental science, math, physics, media and computers. …

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Student Teacher Exchange Day

The High School teachers and students exchanged places for a day. The students taught classes, held a debate between teachers and students as well as had a basketball game between teachers and students. Students organized the events of the day. Teachers wore school uniforms and students wore regular clothing. It …

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Students in the 4-8th grade walked through Nazareth to explore their city. The program encouraged the students to learn about the city. The students saw historical and spiritual sites. They were able to experience the Old City, hear from local leaders, learn from their teachers and share what they knew …

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