Science teaching at school

Academic Life at NBS

Nazareth Baptist School provides a high level of education based on the Ministry of Education’s criteria. Our curriculum has a strong scientific path as well as extra curriculum programs and courses that boost school credentials. Many teachers and students present, participate in competitions, and place quite high. NBS has a united vision for excellence and distinction. 

From kindergarten to graduation, our students develop the necessary skills and knowledge to make them confident individuals, successful learners, contributors, and responsible citizens. NBS graduates are rated as excellent graduates by the state of Israel’s Minister of Education.  Graduates are accepted by universities in Israel as well as across the world. 

Our academic program is designed to create a positive, challenging, and supportive learning environment that values individual differences and learning styles and allows our students to achieve their full potential. Academic success is fostered daily.

Bible class and Chapel are not only required but are long-lasting traditions to provide our students with Christian worldviews.