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Governing Board

School Board

Mr. Najed Azzam (Chairman): B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA from Derby University. Worked for 21 years as Executive Vice-President of the Broadband Business Unit at Galtronics Ltd. in Tiberias. Today works as CEO of Nazareth Data Quest Ltd. He serves as a Deacon in the Local Baptist Church-Nazareth, and served as a board member of Nazareth Village. Mr. Azzam is also a Graduate of NBS and has served on the NBS board since October 2003.

Mr. Ehab Elimi. (Vice Chairman): B.A. in Economics and Accountancy from Tel-Aviv University, MBA at Rishon Litzion College. Chartered Public Accountant, NBS graduate and parent. Has serves on the board since March 2004.

Nermine Haj: BA Chemistry and BA Pharmacist, NBS graduate and parent. Works as Pharmacist in the ministry of health. Serves in prayer ministry in the Local Baptist Church in Nazareth.

Nahel N. Asfour: LLB, LLM. and Dr. in law from the University of Vienna. Dr. Asfour is a lecturer in the faculty of Law in Tel-Aviv university. He also practices law in Nabil Asfour- law offices. Dr. Asfour is a NBS graduate.

Rev. Randy Green: BA in Philosophy from Michigan University, and Masters in Ministry from Trinity International University in Chicago. IMB field director, resides in Amman Jordan. Served in the past as teacher in NBS.

Rev. Andrew Abu Ghazalleh: Pastor of Local Baptist Church-Nazareth.

Control Committee

Ehab Sayegh: B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Open University in Haifa. Leads the Sales Department of NAZDAQ and is responsible for customer support. He is an NBS graduate and parent, serves as treasurer of the Local Baptist Church Nazareth.

Issa Saba: B.A. in English from Mississippi Baptist University. Deacon in the Local Baptist church-Nazareth and is a retired English teacher.