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Botrus Mansour, General Director

Botrus Mansour-General Director

Botrus Mansour received his school studies in Oxford, England as well as at NBS, from which he graduated in 1983. He has a law degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and passed the Bar for practicing law in Israel in 1993. He also holds an MBA from Haifa University and a certificate for teaching Civics from the Open University. Today Mr. Mansour heads the Convention of Evangelical Churches in Israel. He is a co-founder of the Local Baptist Church-Nazareth and served as an elder in it. Mr. Mansour is also a founding member of Nazareth Village and served on its board for several years.He has a son and daughter who graduated from NBS and his youngest is still a student at NBS. His wife, Abir, is an educational counselor for NBS.

Ruba Kardosh, Vice Principal of High School

Mrs. Anne Haddad, Principal of Elementary School (1st-8th grade)

Mrs. Anne Haddad: Principal of Primary School

Mrs. Haddad was appointed Principal in 2016. Before that she served as vice principal for 10 years. She is a holder of BA in English and French from Haifa University. She began her career at NBS in 1994 by working as an English and Bible teacher. For over 20 years, Anne has demonstrated a love for children and a strong desire to make a difference in each child’s life at NBS. Mrs. Haddad has 3 children, two have graduated from NBS and one is still studying at NBS. Her husband Emad is the computer technician in NBS. Both Emad and Anne are NBS graduates.

Elizabeth Shehadeh, Vice Principal of Primary School

Mrs. Elizabeth Shehadeh-vice principal for grades 1-3 and principal of KG

​Mrs. Shehadeh is a graduate of NBS and holds a BA from Oranim College. She teaches English and Bible in addition to her responsibilities as director of KG and responsible for the secondary campus of grades 1-3. Her 3 children are NBS graduates.