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NBS 57th Graduation Class

More than 600 people gathered in Berkovich hall in Nazareth Illit to attend the graduation ceremony of 70 students from NBS on Saturday the 4th of June.
The ceremony opened with a word of prayer from Rev. Hatem Shehadeh, a father of one of the graduating students. Then the students sang "This is the day that the Lord has made" and "I will enter His gates with thanks giving in my heart".
General Director Botrus Mansour shared with a personal speech about the special features of the graduating class as his son is one of those graduating and urged the student to have the fear of God as a compass in their lives in the future.
The graduating class was blessed with students with great voices and each shared in a different song with different styles including English, Opera, and traditional Middle Easter..
Principal Dr. Ousama Moalem shared in his speech about a new major of 10 units in NBS starting from next year: Medical science. He told the graduating class that the real success is in giving and not taking.
Deputy Mayor Ali Sallam addressed the audience too and shared about the support that Nazareth municipality gives to educational institutions.
In addition, representatives of the graduation students addressed the audience in a speech from the heart as well as a humorous speech about daily life in NBS. The students also gave a present to NBS with their pictures as well as presented a film about their lives.
Mr. Elias Dai, the laboratory technician was granted a special present of appreciation of his work with NBS students in the last year-those students who earned 2nd place in Gildor competition,2nd place in the Swedish water purification contest and 1st place in the North in the young innovators contest.
The beautiful ceremony was concluded with graduation certificates and Bibles presented to the graduating students.














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